Artistic parentheses

From 9th to 25th March 2022
Collective exhibition

One place, one artwork

Opening  8.3.2022 at 6 pm

The first edition of the “artistic parentheses” is inaugurated on March 8 at the Dominicans covent, in Paris.
It will showcase the works of Raphaële Duchange, Qin Han, Thibault Lucas, Lucie Linder and Nils Wachten.

“Artistic parentheses” is a new exhibition concept designed by Di Mezzo and the D Gallery.
Each artist presents a work that is embodied in a place. This an introduction to the work of the artist. The visitor is confortably sitted in front of the work; face to face in a personal and timeless relationship. Thereafter, the spectator is free to deepen his knowledge of the artist or his work, thanks to a reading grid with multiple entries: videos, sounds, texts.

Through this sober but impactful exhibition, Di Mezzo and the D Gallery offer a free sensory experience, as much for art lovers as for neophytes. Artistic parentheses intend to open the eyes and bring to the attention of the public the artists and their artwork.

Le Cloître ouvert
222 Rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris, France
From 9 am to 7 pm

Organised by : Di Mezzo & la D Galerie